Busting Ten Autism Myths

There’s a lot of myths about Autism that are out in society. My good friend Mark has a look at his top 10 myths. Have you ever said any of these? If you have, please stop and consider correcting the myths when you hear them instead

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There are an awful lots of Autism myths out there; most are ridiculous, some would actually be quite funny if they weren’t so harmful, but they do seem to somehow persist in the national consciousness. So, here’s my guide to the top ten Autism myths and how we can bust them:

  1. “We’re all ‘on the spectrum’ somewhere.” Autism is a neurodiversity, a different way of the brain being wired. You are either Autistic, or not; so no, you can’t be “A little bit Autistic.”
  2. “Children can grow out of it.” Autism is a difference hard wired into the brain. It is an integral part of who an Autistic person is and cannot be “grown out of” or “cured”. There are loads of ‘treatments’ and ‘therapies’ out there, but mostly they seem to be about trying to force an Autistic child to behave like a non-Autistic child; few are of…

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Taizé – A Different Style Of Church

Last month we found ourselves on a Eurostar train heading to Paris on our way to the Taizé Community. We were going out to help bring our daughter, Charlotte, and her belongings back to the UK after volunteering with the community for the previous 15 months. Taizé is an ecumenical Christian monastic fraternity and is very different from the church style that we’re used to. It was also my first trip abroad since the late 1980s, so how did we all get on?

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