Why Go To A Christian Event Like Spring Harvest?

Almost every year since 1984 I have been staying, for about a week every year, at a holiday camp. Nothing too unusual about that you might think, but I choose to spend it at an event called Spring Harvest. Spring Harvest has been around since 1979, so I started attending fairly early on in the event. So what makes me go to a Christian event each year and what makes me spend my holiday with a few thousand other Christians? Here are a few reasons…

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Becoming a Disability Champion: The Additional Needs Adventure Continues!

Church show a brick built church. It has wooden doors. Above the doors is a circle with the words "St Saviour's Sunbury" on it. In front of the building, on the left hand side is a tree.

If you’ve read my blog post ‘Additional Needs Ministry – My Journey So Far’, you’ll know that God started me off on a change of course over ten years ago which lead me to be an Inclusion Champion at our previous church. Since moving churches, I’ve kept the conversation about disability inclusion going and the adventure has continued…

At the beginning of March, I was approached by the vicar of our church and asked whether I would consider becoming the Disability Champion for our church. After spending some time praying about it (and also asking friends to pray), I accepted the role. Now, you might be sitting reading this and reacting a bit like Harry Potter when Hagrid tells him that he’s a wizard – “I’m a what?”. Well, hopefully by the end of this blog, you’ll know more about what a church Disability Champion does.

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