About Lynnette

I am married to Alan and have two grown up children. I live in Feltham, West London.

I’m a Christian and go to a local Anglican church. One of my children was diagnosed with Aspergers and Epilepsy in March 2015. This helped encourage my interest in helping churches to become more accessible to those with additional needs. I was the voluntary Additional Needs Co-ordinator at our previous church and took on the role of voluntary Disability Champion at our current church in March 2022.

I have had several jobs in the past. These have included working for the Civil Service, in an accounts department of an insurance company and in education. I’m currently a housewife, which has to be my best job ever!

In June 2018 I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, although, in reality, I’ve struggled with anxiety since my childhood. Thanks to medication, CBT, good friends and prayer, I’m now on the road to recovery.

I’ve also experienced childhood bereavement. My Dad died unexpectedly in 1980 aged 48 when I was 13. Over my years in education, I used this experience to help children who were sadly going through a similar experience.

I hope you enjoy reading the blog.